NatraBio Menopause Relief Review

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NatraBio Menopause Relief

Price: $4.92

The NatraBio claims to be the top nutrition and supplement manufacturer and the NatraBio – Menopause Relief is said to produce a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Some of the symptoms that it claims to treat are irritability, mood swings, nausea, hot flashes, breast tenderness and headaches. It provides its effect by stimulating the natural healing process of the body.

Most effective for:

  • Contains proven ingredients when it comes to preventing the signs of menopause
  • Cheaper compared to other medications/ supplements for menopause

Other factors to consider:

  • No supplemental vitamins and minerals to help improve the health and state of the body during menopause
  • Minimal customer testimonials

Description: Some of the ingredients present in NatraBio – Menopause Relief are St. Ignatius bean, blood root, black cohosh, potassium carbonate, black willow, cuttle fish and viper venom. Most of these ingredients are commonly used in a lot of menopause medications thus it has a very good chance of providing the results that you are looking for. Some of the ingredients present might seem weird and unsafe like the viper venom but this is very safe to use as only the important extracts have been obtained and it will not cause any harmful side effects as long as this medication is taken as recommended.

Due to its ingredients, not everyone may be comfortable using this product especially vegetarians who do not want any animal products in their food and medications. Even though these products are obtained from natural substances, these will still have to be purified and may have undergone some modifications which may cause some side effects for some people.

Directions for Use: As a supplement, take one tablet daily.

Ingredients: St. Ignatius bean, blood root, black cohosh, potassium carbonate, black willow, cuttle fish and viper venom.

Safety Information: Please consult your primary care physician prior to taking this products if you are currently taking any prescription medicines or over the counter solutions.

Recommendation: Looking at its claims, its ingredients seem to be proven and effective when it comes to controlling the symptoms of menopause. The focus of its ingredients include controlling hot flashes, fatigue, moodiness, breast tenderness and menstrual irregularities. Even though its ingredients may seem very good, its claim of providing 100% satisfaction to all customers is a stretch. Of course not everyone’s body will react the same way to taking this medication so there will still be some people who will not improve when taking this medication. As for its price, it is very cheap compared to most of the other menopause medications available. It also has very little customer testimonials so you cannot see how well it has worked for other people when it comes to controlling menopausal symptoms.

Its worth a try but a good alternative would be Amberen Healthy Choice for Menopause.

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